30 Caliber Bolt Action Cartridge Click Pen, 24kt Gold Plating with Camouflage Barrel SJS049A

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A bolt action, 30 caliber, camouflage pen is the standard of all bullet pens. It's smart. It's attractive. It has great heft. If you want to make a statement, this is it. It speaks loud.

It has a working bolt action that is used to expose or retract the pen point. The clip is a bolt action rifle. The body is a replica 30 caliber cartridge. It has a rose gold bullet tip.

This is called a click pen, but you use the bolt to expose or retract the pen point. It uses a Parker style refill.

To replace a spent ink tube, unscrew the tip, remove the spent tube and insert a new one.

A free gift box is included at no extra charge.

This pen will be securely packaged and shipped via an insured and trackable USPS small box to ensure that it reaches its destination safely.

Materials: 30 caliber bullet,rose gold tip,chrome plate,rifle clip

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